02.05.19James Erwin

Hi Nimrod,
This is Jim Erwin from Episcopal Academy. We are looking for judges for a music competition at our high school on March 11 from 9:45 to 2:00. The Stipend for judges is $200.00 dollars. There would be lunch provided of course! Let me know if this is something you might be interested in. Thanks!

01.10.19Taylor Kosbab

Hey there! I am the General Manager of Porta Philly. Would you mind sharing with me, your email so that I can forward you an electronic copy of a W9 for you to fill out!

12.16.18Taylor Kosbab

Hey there! My name is Taylor and I work for Porta PHL. I see we hired you to play at Porta some time back. Would you mind please sending me a completed W9 form ASAP. If you email me, I can provide you a w9 document.

08.16.18Katlyn Coyne


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05.01.18janel lewis

I am inquiring about availability for a performance set on Sept. 15, 2018. You were referred by Elder Jeritt Lewis. Way of Life Church is holding a 20-year Pastoral Celebration for Supt. Jerome Lewis at Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood, Long Island. The event time slot is 11:30am to 2:00pm.

Please let me know your availability and performance fee.

Thank You

Janel J Lewis
Office Administration

03.17.18Aleta Kennedy

Hi there! My daughter Jenny and I were at your gig at The Cell -- and we had a table full of people all set to hear you again at Minton's tonight...until I found out just a couple of hours before that it was cancelled. We are so sad! :( Wha' happened?


Greetings Brother.
Lost your ph number.
Text it to me when you get this.
Are you free May 15th 16thand 17th?


10.02.17Tim Shue Schumacher

Dear Mr.Speaks,

I enjoyed playing with you Sunday night at Jim Holton's church. Of course you sounded great and produced a nice foundation/groove. Thanks again.

I simply wanted to add an apology for not bringing a chart. I didn't even communicate the changes to Black Orpheus very well. I value being more prepared for such things and not putting others in a spot. I was flying by the seat of my pants due to a few issues. Thanks for hanging with it and making it happen with what I could bring.

Best to you,
Tim Schumacher

11.24.16Scott Drendall

Wow! Wife and daughter & I caught your first set at South last night (11/23/16) with Marcus Strickland & Justin Faulkner, and you guys were utterly amazing. Thanks so much for an enlightening evening, especially your take on "All Blues"!

09.13.16Cheyanne Bigley

Hello Nimrod, I am a music education student at Eastern University. I hate to be presumptuous, but I heard that you were thinking about playing a few pieces in Jazz ensemble that would require a vocalist, and wanted to express my interest in that, if it came to be. Thank you so much.

06.25.14Melissa Talley Palmer


Who Got The Jazz has been an amazing run. Please keep me posted on your upcoming events.

Peace & Blessings,


02.06.14Rich Rogers

Hi, Nimrod - I am the promotor for the show you are playing this Saturday with Luke at August Moon in Norristown. Although the show is two days away, can someone put the info on your site? Follow this event link for the details: https://www.facebook.com/events/281997385281009/ or visit www.cryinsam.com

Thanks. I lok forward to seeing you on Saturday. I had a blast meeting you and seeing you guys at the cd release event at Underground Arts.


Rich Rogers (CryinSam)


Is there a lesson tonight: Monday December 9th .

02.14.13Suzanne Cloud

Please put all the info about your Jazz Bridge gig on your site. Every little bit helps the cause. Please make it known that you are playing a Jazz Bridge gig. Thanks

03.31.12Brian Jordan

Hello Nimrod,

My name is Brian Jordan and I'm the tall skinny singer/"guitarist" who came to La Rose a month back and got to play for the first time in a jam session. We played "the Nearness of You" and you made sure I knew when to come in after the piano solo. Haven't gotten to come back to La Rose yet, and I can't come again til next Sunday but I wanted to get in touch with you. I knew during the first song I heard you guys play that your relationship with upright bass and music resonates deeply with me. I've only been playing guitar about 4 years, and I've only spent about 6 hours playing a few standards with upright bass and drums when I took out a loan to make a little CD tribute to my grandfather, but I'm a pretty decent singer(even if I was too nervous to let loose much at La Rose) and a pretty fast learner. I know that your musical expertise and training is way out of my league, but what I'm trying to say is that I would be honored to meet up and play sometime and talk about some possibilities. Please let me know if you might be interested.

(608) 213-6107

11.07.11Nat Garratano

It was fun meeting and working with you Saturday night.
Keep in touch............

08.20.11Pauline Speaks

Excellent web site! It's very profesional.